An AcquireConvert subscriber, James, sent me this message in an email a few weeks ago:

“I’ve been doing conversion optimization for my business for a year now. But regardless of whatever I test or change I can’t get my conversion rate to increase. I want my business to grow. What should I do?”

Let me point something out for you:

James was a hard working person that already knew the ins and outs of CRO. He was a real entrepreneur with a real business. But despite his hard work and dedication, he wasn’t getting the business growth he deserved.

But his story isn’t unique…

How many of you want to grow your business but fail to generate enough sales from your website.

Even worse, when you invest the time and money into generating traffic and visitors to your online store and then those people simply leave or bounce.

This means — whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer or agency — you’re at risk of missing out on the sales that you desperately need ... but not everyone is struggling with conversions.

The Truth About Conversion Optimization

Let me know if this has ever happened to you.

You’re checking out your favourite blogs on conversion optimization or marketing, reading case studies.

Again and again you see examples of people with high converting shops.

That’s when you think to yourself...

“How did THEY manage to get such high conversion rates?”

Even though they often don’t reveal the financial data in the case studies, you just KNOW that they’re converting sales for their business and increasing their profits.

And you think to yourself:

“How can I do that?”

That’s exactly why I’m writing to you today.

You see, when someone creates a high converting store — and generates a steady stream of sales for their business — there’s no magic or luck involved.

You may not be able to see it, but there’s almost always something behind the scenes that causes their high conversion rates and motivates their visitors to convert (and creates the landslide of sales that come along with it).

(In fact, there are actually three secrets to high conversion rates. I’ll reveal all three of them in a minute)

And that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today.

Before I get into that, I want to answer the question that might be rattling around in your head right now:

“How did you figure all this out, Giles?”

It was no small feat (and it took the last 5 years working at my agency Whole Design Studios)...

...But I’ve created an Conversion Optimization Process that gets consistent results…

I’m Giles Thomas, the founder of AcquireConvert & Whole Design Studios.

As you’ll learn, I’ve created a proven process for conversion optimization that generates high converting stores.

Before I tell you more, let me tell you a little about my background…

giles thomas conversion optimization expert
Whole Design Studios Clients Some of the companies worked with so far

In 2012 I quit my agency job and decided to go it alone. Entrepreneurship was calling and I couldn’t spend another second working for someone else.

Jason Calacanis’ words from ThisWeekInStartUps were rattling round my head 24/7.

“Are you a rice picker or a samurai?”

I wanted to be the latter.

Because I left my easy 9 - 5 job with only one month's worth of living expenses,
I had to figure out how to convert visitors into sales REALLY fast.

Design awards received. design awards for Whole Design Studios

That’s how I ended up spending the last 5 years testing, refining and implementing countless optimization and a/b testing processes…

...and teaching those process to businesses big and small and agencies and freelancers around the world.

As the head marketing mentor for Google Launchpad I've taught entrepreneurs from all over the world. (From Seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia)

Last year I was even chosen as one of only 35 marketers world wide, to join Google's Expert program and help them iterate on their internal products. Working alonside team leads for product such as Google Adwords and more.

Google Developers Launchpad

After spending years in the shadows for countless other companies and clients.

I decided in May of 2014 to launch AcquireConvert and share my knowledge and learnings and help as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Publications I’ve been featured on. Publications featuring Giles Thomas

I’m not sharing this with you to boast…

It’s to show you that I’m not one of those so called “Marketing or CRO Experts” that just tells other people one size fits all hacks (which are basically just best practices).

I know how to get real world results for real businesses.

In fact, I follow a tested, step-by-step process for every website that I optimize and for every business I consult.

And it’s a proven process that you can use to grow your business…quickly and at scale.

And if you’re serious about generating serious amounts of sales from your online store through conversion optimization - the one thing you need is a proven process that you can tap into.

Because once you have that, you’re set. Here’s the inside scoop on what my process is based on:

Secret #1 - Forget Case Studies You Read Online

Ask anyone that knows me and they’ll say I’m a very laid back person, but one thing that really gets me going is:

When I read an article from a so called CRO expert and they suggest that because they got a conversion increase in some test, if you copy them, you’ll get the same lift.


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You spend days - and maybe weeks - working very hard to implement a change to your online store that you read about in a case study.

You launch the changes and wait for the results to come in.

When you check your analytics after a few days (trying your best not to stop the test early!) what do you see:

conversion graph vector
No conversion LIFT!

Even worse, when you check your conversions at the end of the test your control was the winning variation.

Your original design performed better!

That’s when you say to yourself:

“How come it worked in the case study but not for my website!”

So you make another change and start the process all over again.

No conversion lift.

And again, until one day you throw in the towel and say:

“This is impossible!”

Trust me, I know, we’ve all been there.

This is what is known as the “One size fits all” approach to conversion optimization.

You copy someone else's conversion case study and hope for the best.

Sadly, hope doesn’t turn more visitors into sales.

And even though one test in ten might give you a small lift, the truth is those kind of conversion optimization approaches see diminishing returns over time.

The longer you run the test the less significant the difference and conversion increase.

This is mostly due to a phenomenon called the ‘novelty factor’.

Your new variation wins because of exactly that, it’s new. New and shiny, nothing more.

And it is not your fault.

You work hard on improving your conversion rate and growing your business.

But it is impossible to know where to start when every article or case study you read tells you something different.

As you’ve probably experienced yourself, the ‘one size fits all’ approach to conversion optimization doesn’t get the results you deserve or your business needs.

But there are alternatives.

Why my process can get you the conversion increases you need

Believe me, I tried the whole “Read a case study, copy the changes on a clients store and see what happens” approach to CRO.

In fact my first conversion client was a marketplace app based out of the UK.

And because I was fooled into believing what all these case studies were teaching me about CRO, I thought that all I needed to do was copy their changes.

It goes without saying, that company is not around anymore.

That’s when I decided to discover how to collect actionable data and learn about my clients customers to improve conversions...even for low traffic websites (because the qualitative data collection processes you'll learn in Conversion Machine work for traffic of any size).

Since then I’ve tested countless different CRO methodologies…and discovered process that work again and again.

The great thing is, I’ve seen these process work in a variety of different industries including fashion, consumer electrics, automotive and loans to mention a few.

So even if you or your client are in a weird, obscure, or super-competitive niche…

…you can improve conversion rates and grow your business using these CRO processes.

If fact, here’s what a Conversion Machine graduate had to say about my processes...

Raffaela Rein of CareerFoundry
“Hi, I’m Raffaela the CEO of Careerfoundry.

As a venture funded start up that had raised 1+ million euro to date we needed explosive growth.

The conversion processes in Conversion Machine helped increase our conversion rate and grow our monthly revenue by over 400%.

I’d highly recommend the course for any startup company that wants more sales”

Secret #2 - Small Changes Give You Small Conversion Lifts

Let’s be clear about something, even with all the buzz about...

...How changing ‘your’ to ‘my’ button copy on this case study got a 40% lift...


...Changing our button colour from red to blue tripled our conversions on another case study… and I both know that what gets you higher conversion rates and business growth has nothing to do with small changes on single page templates.

If you’re like most businesses you’re probably struggling to see large sustainable conversion lifts from running a/b tests on single page elements.

Unless you can afford to keep running loosing test variations, you need to be VERY careful about how you approach CRO (and find out how to do it right instead).

conversion graph increase vector
How to run tests that bring about large conversion increases

It turns out that most people start off with the wrong idea about testing. When I ask new clients and fellow entrepreneurs what tests they are running, they usually say, “button copy changes”, “call to action position on the page” and so on.

Yes, this kind of testing has a place, once you more or less crack the code on a pages conversion rate and want to refine the details.

But if these are the only tests you are running, I’ve got some bad news.

Because one of the biggest lessons I learned over the last years testing conversion processes and running a/b tests is, if you rely on small changes - or even a number of small changes only - you’re not going to get the conversion increases you really need.

And if your conversion optimization approach looks like this…

...well, let’s just say you’re not on the right path to getting more sales, quite the opposite.

I know because I too made this rookie mistake

Back when I started doing CRO services I would jump in straight away and start testing small changes on the client's store.

Sure, we’d get a lift here or there (mostly due to the novelty factor) but the results didn’t last and diminishing returns kicked in.

And after enough client complaints than one person can handle, I decided once and for all to discover the right processes that bring about large long term conversion increases.

It took a lot of hard work and experimenting, but I’ve figured out a number of processes that when combined with big changes and big tests, a more radical redesign approach if you will, bring about big lifts.

The truth is big changes to your website bring about the biggest changes in conversion rate.

(You’ll learn about how to decide on these big changes by collecting and analysing the right kind of data in module two and three of Conversion Machine)

For example I walk you through the visitor vocab technique in module two and three.

It’s a process that until recently, I’ve never discussed in public.

And it is one of the secret weapons some of my clients (like a loan provider that services half a billion in loans annually) use and covet.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to use this process, so any company large or small can leverage it.

Here's what Martin from CareerFoundry had to say about my processes...

Secret #3 - Conversion Rate Optimization is about Customer not Percentages

I can’t stress this enough to people.

Sure conversions is about SEO, UX, design, persuasion and a/b testing and a whole load of other skills too.

But what CRO is really about is customer understanding.

You all want to increase sales for your website, maybe for your clients; but ultimately you want to make more money.

It’s actually very easy to increase conversions, just sell everything for $1. Boom, conversions are through the roof. But increasing conversions so that revenue increases is much harder.

And not just revenue, increasing profits is your main goal as a conversion expert.

It’s about looking at the big picture, traffic sources, campaign specific landing pages, customer services after the purchase.

We're trying to improve the customer experience company wide through better and deeper customer understanding.

Conversion Machine focusses on building and iterating on this centralised customer theory.

A formal representation of your product, it’s positioning, your customer and their pains and desires.

The processes you’ll learn in this course are structured to answer the tough questions.

“What is my customers biggest desire”
“What is important to my visitors when it comes to solving their problems.”

Conversions is about creating a customer theory, a deeper understanding of your customers so you can market to them successfully

I can’t emphasize this enough: Unless you have a proven, step-by-step process in place, you’re flying blind with your CRO.

Because they don’t have a complete conversions process, most people tend to ask questions like:

“What metrics should I be tracking and measuring?” “What types of qualitative and quantitative data should I collect?”

“What is the process, the step-by-step for collecting and analysing data so it is accurate and actionable?”

“How do I plan and execute tests properly with results I can trust and that improve my business.”

I don’t know what else to say but this: These questions DON’T MATTER.

The strength of Conversion Machine is that it provides proven, explicit steps to increase conversion rates and profits while removing the guesswork associated with business growth.

When you find yourself asking questions like this, it means that you’re worrying about things that don’t make a difference AT ALL.

And unless you know what you need to be focusing on, you’ll never be able to get consistent results.

What’s the solution?

A proven, step-by-step process that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do and EXACTLY how to do it.

Because once you have a proven plan in place, you’re set.

There’s no guesswork and nothing to figure out.

Just follow the steps, do the work.

Clint Walker of BestEgg

“BestEgg is a personal loan provider, we’ve empowered tens of thousands of customers with over half a billion dollars in loans!

I’d be happy to recommend Giles methodologies to anyone with an online business looking to increase their conversion rates and their profits.”

I just have one quick question for you…

What would you rather do: Spend the next year slaving over your conversion rates, HOPING that something you try will actually work?

…Or follow a proven process that holds you by the hand, shows you the exact steps you need to follow to succeed, and lands you a steady stream of conversions and sales 24/7?

I know which one I’d pick.

If you’re still convinced that you should just follow other peoples case studies and try one size fits all strategies, stop reading right now.

But if you can see the value in having a proven process that you can use to increase your conversion rates and get you sales for your business again and again, keep reading…

Let me explain in more detail...

Now’s the time to decide whether Conversion Machine is right for you.

Before I get into what you get in this professional online training course, let me tell you who this program is NOT for:

  • If you’re trying to sell spammy products online and want to increase your conversion rate, this course is not for you, I don’t condone such business practices.
  • If you’re looking for a quick fix to your conversion rate and are not willing to put in the time to learn about your customer and grow your business sustainably, this course is not for you.

If you say “yes” to any of these questions...

...then Conversion Machine is PERFECT for you.

  • Are you an ecommerce store that wants to get more of their visitors to buy your products? Then keep reading...
  • If you market a SaaS product and need to learn how to get A/B testing right? Then keep reading...
  • If you want to improve the conversion rates of your landing pages? Then keep reading...
  • Are you an agency, marketer or designer that wants to upskill and offer better and new services to your clients? Then keep reading...

If you said “yes” to any of these questions keep reading so you can learn exactly what you’ll get from your investment in Conversion Machine.

Module 1. Profit Optimization

This module is about the truth behind conversion optimization, the mindset you need to be a truly great optimizer and what it really takes to get high conversion rates.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 - Conversions 101

Get up to speed with what CRO means today and remove any myths and misconceptions you have around CRO that are causing you to make mistakes and fail

Lesson 2 - CRO Process

Learn the big picture process for conversion optimization, finally a proven step by step CRO process, with steps in sequential order, without "holes" or something missing

Lesson 3 - Terminology

Discover the vocabulary and insider terms that are constantly referred to in case studies and online publications, get a grounding in how you will talk about CRO within the context of the course

Lesson 4 - Customer Theory

Learn the documents and frameworks needed to create your customer theory, what it encompasses and how it structures your data collection and analysis processes for actionable learning that gets results

Lesson 5 - Business Objectives

Understand in detail what your business looks like now, what to track, and how to measure conversion optimization processes correctly so you can understand return on investment

Lesson 6 - Google Analytics Setup & Audit

Get your Google Analytics set up right so the data you collect is actionable and not skewed. Don’t waste time and money collecting bad data

Module 2. Data Collection

This module is all about qualitative and quantitative data collection. Here you’ll learn not only the theory behind what to collect and why, you’ll learn step-by-step processes in granular detail so you can execute the same processes and skip all the learning and costly mistakes we endured to refine our approach.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 - Mouse Tracking

Learn how to setup and capture mouse tracking data for insights on how visitors use your website, learn which layouts are working and which need changing to improve conversion rate

Lesson 2 - User Testing

Learn how to conduct live user testing workshops and how to setup and capture data from automated user testing software. Learn how customers behave on your website and how to improve your sales funnel and conversion rates

Lesson 3 - Form Testing

See how to setup and collect data from your forms, learn which fields have the highest dropout rates, cause the most validation errors and improve form completion conversion rates

Lesson 4 - Live Chat

Discover how to setup and capture live chat transcripts from your visitors. Learn what common concerns your visitors have when considering to buy and remove them with improved copywriting

Lesson 5 - Customer Surveys

Learn how to skillfully conduct customer surveys and collect data than improves your value proposition and customer messaging

Lesson 6 - Customer Development Interviews

See how to conduct customer development interviews the right way, how to capture the data, what questions to ask. Turn customer insights into higher conversion rates with improved copy and a more targeted brand voice

Lesson 7 - Website & Exit Intent Polls

Learn why users are leaving your website, target high traffic high bounce rate pages and fix leaks in your sales funnel to increase profits

Lesson 8 - Welcome emails

The best way to greet a new subscriber and learn what products and services they desire the most. Collect data that teaches you what products and services will convert highly before even offering them

Module 3. Data Analysis & Hypothesis

This module is all about data analysis and hypothesis creation and prioritization. Learn the exact and detailed processes I created to analyse all your data sources for killer insights. Learn how to make that data actionable and turn it into test hypotheses. Ideas to test for improved conversion rates on your website. Learn how to build on your customer theory based on the data analysed and how it translates into value propositions, customer personas and brand positioning statements.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 - Hypothesis

Discover how to write a real hypothesis and how the conversion hierarchy affects your tests

Lesson 2 - Mouse Tracking

Learn my step by step process for analysing mouse tracking data. Learn how to translate the data into design changes and improved conversion rates

Lesson 3 - User Testing

Get the insider tips on analysing user testing data from live in-person workshops and automated testing so you can improve your usability and sales funnel and increase sales

Lesson 4 - Form Testing

Interpret field level form analytics and gain insights into which fields to remove, change or redesign to increase form completion conversion rates

Lesson 5 - Live Chat

Learn how to extract visitor vocabulary lists from live chat data and analyse results to create brand messaging that is aligned with the visitors needs and how they describe them

Lesson 6 - Customer Surveys

Discover how to interpret and analyse survey data for insights to improve value propositions and product positioning statements

Lesson 7 - Customer Development Interviews

Learn my three step process for analysing interview data for deeper insights and learnings. Develop your customer understanding and theory and increase conversions

Lesson 8 - Website & Exit Intent Polls

Find out the reservations and common concerts visitors have and why they leave your website, then plug those holes in your funnel through poll analysis and hypothesis creation

Lesson 9 - Welcome Emails

Learn how to analyse your welcome email data, learn about the problems your customers have and how they describe them. Invert this learning into powerful copywriting and sales messages

Lesson 10 - Usability Evaluation

Discover the 247 checkpoint list of user experience best practices I’ve created to ensure your website is usable and learnable for your visitors. No more confused visitors and high bounce rates

Lesson 11 - On page SEO

Learn the step by step process to optimize a page for higher google rankings and better on page seo. Drive more visitors into the top of your funnel and increase your revenue

Lesson 12 - Accessibility Evaluation

A step by step process that teaches you how to be compliant with accessibility rules Google counts as ranking factors. Improve your UX for all handicap levels and improve your SEO

Lesson 13 - Sales Funnel

Learn how to analyse Google Analytics Conversions data. Including Goal Flows and Funnel Visualizations. Discover at which points in your sales funnel visitors are leaving and learn to cross reference qualitative data to find out why

Lesson 14 - Browser & Device

Dissect browser and device Google Analytics reports and segment conversion data for deeper insights. Use these learnings to inform browser testing and device optimization

Lesson 15 - Visitor Segmentation and Personalization

Learn how to analyse demographic Google Analytics reports and segment conversion data for deeper insights. Use these learnings to inform personalization, location based offers and visitor segmentation conversion optimization

Lesson 16 - Search

Learn what people are searching for on your sites and what that means. Leverage search insights to increase conversion rate and learn how to improve search usability

Lesson 17 - Shopping Cart Abandonment

Learn best practice around shopping cart abandonment and follow my step by step process to get more of your visitors coming back to your website and checking out

Lesson 18 - Hypothesis Prioritization

Learn how to test the most important things first without wasting time or money on bad or incorrect test sequencing and methodology

Module 4. Execution

In this module you learn how to execute your website change and redesigns ready for testing. I’ll walk you step by step through copywriting, wireframing and designing your new website pages based on your data. You’ll also learn design principles, principles of persuasion and development best practices for seo and speed. I’ve created a sales framework for landing pages and any sales messages you can follow that gets consistent results and that can drive leads and sales for your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 - Customer Theory

Iterate on your customer theory based on your data collection and analysis, ready for input to your copywriting and design changes

Lesson 2 - Visitor Vocab Lists

Build a list of visitor vocabulary and common phrases as input to your copywriting. Align your messaging with how your prospect describes their goals for higher conversions

Lesson 3 - Customer Journey

Based on your data create a customer journey to help inform sales message hierarchy and content

Lesson 4 - Sales Framework

Learn a proven framework for landing pages, lead magnets and all sales messages

Lesson 5 - Copywriting

Learn best practice and a step by step process for copywriting your new website and landing pages

Lesson 6 - Wireframing

Discover the best tools and techniques to wireframe quickly and efficiently, iterate your way to a better design results quicker

Lesson 7 - Design Principles

Get an education in UX design principles and learn about the Axis of Interaction and Grid System amongst other topics

Lesson 8 - Persuasive Design

Learn about Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion and how to use them correctly to increase your conversion rates

Lesson 9 - Development Best Practice

Learn my development best practice checklist, with tips for better page speed, CDN, caching and SEO

Module 5. Testing

In this module you learn how to test your new website changes. You'll learn about the different types of testing, testing rules and how to implement and interpret tests.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 - Testing Types

Discover the different types of tests you can run to validate your hypothesis. Learn how to choose the right tests that will get you the most actionable results in the shortest timeframe

Lesson 2 - Rules of Testing

Learn the common mistakes that render test results unusable and how to avoid them. Learn about the flicker effect, regression to the mean and statistical significance

Lesson 3 - Planning Tests

Get a step by step process for planning and executing tests

Lesson 4 - Customer Theory

Iterate on your customer theory based on test results and interpretation

Lesson 5 - Business Objectives

Create new business objectives, goals, KPI’s and targets based on your new customer theory and previous test results

This Is a Complete Conversion Rate Optimization Process That Works For All Business Types

As you can see, Conversion Machine is a comprehensive business training course that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to get results.

How much do you think other business training courses like this tend to cost?

I’ve shopped around and found that most of the other comprehensive, fluff-free business training courses out there cost at least around three times more that this one.

Therefore, for a proven process that works across niches and industries you are getting a great deal.

And if you were to take a similar training as a university course, you know that would set you back tens of thousands of dollars (not to mention all the money on books and supplies).

And I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that the course content in Conversion Machine is head and shoulders above what you’ll find elsewhere, it’s just insanely practical!

Before I get into how you can enroll in Conversion Machine, let me show you all the great bonuses you’ll get when you invest in the course before Friday:

It’s Time To Step Up Your Business To The Next Level With These Three Course Bonuses

Because I want you to get huge value from the course, I’ve included a number of extra bonuses and advanced trainings in Conversion Machine.

After you’ve finished the course itself — and are looking to learn about SEO, Content Marketing, Insider CRO Tips and List Building — these bonuses will hook you up.

I could literally sell these training sessions as a course (they’re that good).

But first I want to ensure that Conversion Machine is the best conversion optimization course on the market.

That’s why I’ve included them at no extra cost to you.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll receive:

Bonus 1. Advanced Video Training Masterclasses From Industry Experts

In this bonus module I've interviewed the industries top conversion experts and asked them the big questions we all have, how do you hire a CRO? Micro tests vs radical redesigns and so on...

Here’s who you’ll learn from:

Oli Gardner - Co-founder at Unbounce

Questions: What are the key elements to include in a high converting landing page? For companies looking to hire a CRO for the first time, what are the core skills to look for and where do you find CRO talent?

Michael Aagaard - Founder at ContentVerve & CRO at Unbounce

Questions: From your years of testing and experience what types of data bring about the biggest customer learnings and increases in conversion/profit? You are known as a killer public speaker? What are your secrets to a great presentation?

Brian Massey - Founder at Conversion Sciences

Questions: How is online dating like lead gen for life? If you had to apply the pareto principle to CRO what types of data would you collect and analyse to inform your test hypotheses?

Joanna Wiebe - Founder at CopyHackers

Questions: What is your process for copywriting landing pages? Do you have a framework for landing pages or a checklist you follow for what to include? “Every element has 1 job” - What is your process for improving copywriting for increased conversions?

Peter Sandeen - Founder at PeterSandeen

Questions: What are the elements of a high converting value proposition? What is your step by step process for creating a value proposition?

Perry Marshall - WSJ Best Selling Author

Questions: How can businesses optimize the click through rate of their Google Ads? You’ve optimized your ad and your prospect has arrived on your landing page, how do you keep them there and more importantly continue to push them down the funnel?

Ian Rhodes - CRO, Consultant & Blogger

Questions: How can businesses align their marketing efforts with their value propositions? If you had to apply the pareto principle to conversion optimization what types of data would you collect and analyse to inform your test hypotheses?

Scott Brinker - CTO ION Interactive, Blogger at Chiefmartec

Questions: What is the first step for companies wanting to get started with agile and lean methodologies in marketing? What emerging marketing trends should young companies invest in?

Keith Hagen - Co-founder at ConversionIQ

Questions: For companies what are the key page elements that impact conversion rate? How do you fit heuristic or expert analysis into a conversion process?

Dan Norris - CEO WPCurve & Entrepreneur

Questions: Why is SaaS the best business model? How do you account for your traffic growth at WPCurve, content marketing? If so, what do you do within your content creation and promotion process that those who fail at getting organic traffic growth fail at?

Talia Wolf - Founder Conversioner & Banana Splash

Questions: What’s the difference between mobile vs desktop optimization? What is mobile first content? What is mobile centric thinking?

Bonus 2. Software Partner Discounts

Because we’ve taken the time at AcquireConvert and Whole Design Studios to test so many softwares and tools over the years. We’ve learned which tools rock and which ones just aren’t worth the time, learning curve or investment. With this in mind we’ve partnered with our favourite tools to offer Conversion Machine members some amazing discounts.


Olark is the most effective way to talk to your customers for sales and support. In our opinion by far the best Live Chat tool in the marketplace. You get: The “Lost Silver” Olark Special. 4 months for free of our “Lost Silver” plan! Normally $29 / month, this special is worth $116 to you.

Usability Tools

Usability tools is a suite of conversion optimization and usability tools that help unlock the business growth you really need. With Conversion Machine you get 25% off!


Balsamiq is our favourite wireframing and design prototyping tool. This promotional code is for a 30% dscount of Balsamiq Desktop.


The best way to record your customer development interview calls on Skype. The first 25 Conversion Machine enrollments get a pro account worth $33.10. Get more actionable data from your qualitative sources.

Enroll in Conversion Machine

If you want to learn proven step by step processes that increase your conversion rates and profits, then Conversion Machine is perfect for you.

What's included (recap)

Module 1. Profit Optimization

Learn a proven process for CRO, create business objectives and create your first formal customer theory

Module 2. Data Collection

Learn insanely practical step-by-step processes for qualitative and quantitave data collection

Module 3. Data Analysis & Hypothesis

Discover detailed processes to analyse data source for actionable hypothesis and test ideas

Module 4. Execution

Learn a step-by-step process for executing your customer learnings into better copywriting, design and code

Module 5. Testing

Learn a structure for planning and executing tests, avoid the common mistakes that waste time and money and render data useless

Bonus 1. Advanced Training Masterclasses From Industry Experts

Get advanced training from Oli Gardner, Michael Aagaard, Brian Massey, Joanna Wiebe, Peter Sandeen, Perry Marshall, Ian Rhodes, Scott Brinker, Keith Hagen and Dan Norris

Bonus 2. Software Partner Discounts

Get access to partner discounts including Usability Tools, Olark, Balsamiq and more

Two Payment Options

Option 1: 6 Monthly Payments Of $199

Option 2: One time payment of $999

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If you have any questions email us at: or read the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Lifetime Membership - It’s Important To Decide Now

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And once the course registration closes I don’t plan on opening it up again in the near future (if at all).

IF I do, I’ll probably add new features and bonuses, and the price will go up accordingly.

But if you order now, not only do you get instant access to the course, but you’ll get lifetime upgrades at no additional cost.

That way, if I decide to add more materials or features to the course, you get everything I add for FREE, forever.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and get instant access to the member’s area on the other side of this page. Try out the CRO processes that I teach you in the course for 14 days…100% risk-free.

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Question: What is Conversion Machine?

Conversion machine is a 6 week online video and text based professional training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to increase your conversion rate and profits using my proven conversion optimization process.

Question: Is Conversion Machine right for me?

This makes sense, we are all in different situations. Conversion Machine is not industry specific and has worked in niches such as fashion, automotive, educational tech, loans and more.

Question: Who is Conversion Machine for?

Conversion Machine is perfect for online businesses looking to grow with conversion optimization and continuous testing. It is also great for agencies or freelancers, like marketing agencies and UX designers looking to upskill and take their business and service offering to the next level.

Question: How does it work?

Your training is released in weekly Modules within our private, member-only website. Each Module is filled with step-by-step training videos (70 videos in total), done-for-you templates, resource lists, and detailed processes. You’ll watch and learn from your computer, or download your training to your tablet or mobile device. Our goal is to make your online learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Question: Does it matter where I live?

It doesn't matter if you are in the USA, UK, Germany, Russia or India, Conversin Machine works for anyone, anywhere, all the training is online and accessible anytime.

Question: Are the video really long, I hate skipping back and forth?

Tired of sitting through 90 minute video presentations? So are we. That’s why we’ve broken down our core training into short, digestible videos. Each lessons video is short and provides a conceptual overview of the process, then you jump into the worksheets and take action on what you've learnt. We want you to learn, implement, and take action as quickly as possible without any overwhelm or brain fatigue.

Question: What format is the course in?

The course is video based with 70+ CRO training videos. You get slides, worksheets and done for you templates. The advanced modules also include an audio download for podcast style learning.

Question: Can I learn and study offline?

Yes, with our easy downloadable files you can download any lesson (all the videos, PDFs, transcripts, MP3s, etc.) and stay organized while you work through your course material.

Question: When do I get access to the training?

You’ll get access to one module per week over the course of the six week program. The first module becomes available right away.

Question: Can I get all the training at once?

We know that some members would love to get all the Modules at once, but that’s not how we do things. The Conversion Machine experience and curriculum are carefully designed so that you complete each module*, one a week at a time, and complete the corresponding processes in order. Everything has been set-up to maximize your results and long-term success. Sequence is important in business processes. Remember, once you complete the full program, you’ll get lifetime access and can re-visit the modules in any order you like, as often as you like! *During content release weeks, the training modules are released at 9am GMT.

Question: Can I learn at my own pace?

Absolutely. As a new student, you’ll can go through the course as it’s released over six weeks. But we also understand that you’re busy and may have to take a break. That’s why if you’re starting a business, running your company, traveling around the world, or dealing with any big life events, you don’t have to worry about "falling behind." Every student gets lifetime access to the course. What does this mean? You can retake the program for as long as it’s in existence. Plus, the core training materials are yours to keep, forever. You can revisit and review them at any time.

Question: Does it work for low traffic sites?

Answer: Yes, the CRO process in Conversion Machine includes the latest qualitative data collection and analysis methodologies to help even low traffic website increase conversion rates.

Question: Does it work for new websites and business?

Answer: Yes, because of the qualitative data processes, new businesses can benenfit too, you'll learn customer development processes inspired by Steve Blank and the Lean Startup Movement.

Question: Is this the same content that is on your blog?

Answer: No, where there may be cross over in content topics, the course content is unique and not available free.

Question: Is the course for beginners or advanced cro?

Answer: The course caters to any level, hand holding beginners and pushing experts to new levels.

Question: How much time do I need for this?

Answer: The course is six module that are released over six weeks, expect to spend at least 10 hours per week on the course material.

Question: Can I just buy a portion of the program?

Answer: The course is only available to buy as a whole, you cannot buy specific modules or bonuses.


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