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Charlotte Blakeney, Founder, ByCharlotte, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

“Hi I’m Charlotte, designer and founder at ByCharlotte. We’re a fashion ecommerce company that sells jewelry inspired by the beautiful lotus flower. We had traffic but not enough of our visitors were converting to sales. Conversion Machine helped us to test and refine our online store, increasing our conversion rates and profits. In fact we managed to increase our conversion rates by 50%”

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Martin Ramsin, CTO, CareerFoundry, SaaS Entrepreneur

"We followed the in-depth processes, we collected and analysed loads of data and then we made the changes needed and so far we have increased our monthly revenue by 400%!"

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Clint Walker, BestEgg, Loan Provider

"BestEgg is a personal loan provider, we’ve empowered tens of thousands of customers with over 2 billion dollars in loans!
Giles’s processes helped us to look in-depth at our conversion funnel and dig deeper into our customer understanding.
Collecting and analysing valuable quantitative and qualitative data that created dozens of testing ideas and hypotheses.
I’d be happy to recommend Giles methodologies to anyone with an online business looking to increase their conversion rates and their profits."

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